Clifton L. Harris, DDS

Meet Dr. Harris

Photo of Broomfield CO Dental Specialist Dr. Cliff HarrisClifton L. Harris, DDS is a veteran dentist with 25 years experience and has worked hard to learn, study, and master techniques that allow for the most comfortable general dentistry experience possible for his patients.

He has a strong desire to perform, and has treated over 150 complicated cases that most general dentist refer out of the office to a specialist. The team at Summit Dental and Orthodontics has developed a high tech dental center designed to keep the patient in the office for all of their treatment.

Dr. Harris’ Education

In 1998, three years out of dental school, Dr. Harris started a general dental practice in Charlottesville, VA with the idea of providing patients with a “one-stop shop” to get all their dental needs taken care of. Because he was a recent graduate with minimal experience, he knew very quickly there was a lot to learn.

This desire drove him to seek out courses and seminars teaching the needed information and techniques to offer his patients solutions for all their dental needs. He quickly learned patients are much more willing to accept treatment with the doctor they routinely see and accustomed to and are much happier to get it done in an environment they are already comfortable with.

Certifications & Continuing Education

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Harris has attended many continuing education seminars and courses which has enriched his desire to practice and keep him on the leading edge of high tech dentistry. Dr. Harris has over fifteen years experience with Cone Beam 3-Dimensional Dentistry (3-D dentistry) that allows for the more accurate and precise placement of dental implants. He recommends and uses this technology to evaluate each and every implant placement whether it’s a single unit or a full arch rehabilitation.

This technology allows the doctors of Summit Dental and Orthodontics to place implants using precise surgical guides, allowing for a more accurate placement (placing implants in the best bone and avoiding vital structures like nerves bundles and blood supplies) and decreasing the invasiveness of the surgery allowing for quicker and less painful healing period.

Outside the Dental Office

On the lighter side of Dr. Harris, he enjoys spending his time away from the office participating in outdoor activities with his lovely wife, Felicia, and their dog Eddie and cat Whizzy. They love hiking, camping, and getting away from the city to explore the mountains and its beautiful wildlife. Photography is a new passion for both Cliff and Felicia, and they plan to enjoy it at every opportunity they get.

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